Growling Swallet: The Niggly Connection Project

Photography: LIZ ROGERS By STEPHEN FORDYCE Background: JF-36 Growling Swallet is a particularly extensive and significant cave in the Junee-Florentine area of Tasmania, and has been known since the time of early European settlement. The cave has a very impressive opening in the form of a slot in a cliff, with a significant creek flowing … Continue reading Growling Swallet: The Niggly Connection Project

For Your Eyes Only, Junee Cave, Tasmania

JANINE McKINNON STC | For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) is a highly decorated chamber in a cave in Tasmania. It is protected by a 230 m long sump (waterfilled passage). The water temperature is between 4°C and 8°C, visibility in the sump varies between zero and 3 m, and the current can be very high … Continue reading For Your Eyes Only, Junee Cave, Tasmania

Pushing the ‘deepest’ sump in Australia

Khazad-Dum (JF-4/5) Sump II By JANINE McKINNON STC BACKGROUND The Junee-Florentine is the premier vertical caving area of Tasmania, and thus Australia. Khazad-Dum (KD) is a multi-pitch cave which terminates in a series of three sumps, which connect, at a depth of 293 m. It is the eighth-deepest cave in Australia. Dwarrowdelf JF-14 is a … Continue reading Pushing the ‘deepest’ sump in Australia

Exit Cave, Tasmania

D’Entrecasteaux River Sumps exploration 2013 By JANINE McKINNON STC Exit Cave is a large, multi-entrance system in Southern Tasmania. It is arguably the longest cave system in Australia. (Cue the arguments regarding Bullita in the NT.) The cave has been known for many decades, and multiple expeditions and day trips have been undertaken to explore … Continue reading Exit Cave, Tasmania