Bunda Cliffs, Nullarbor Plain

By ALAN JACKSON Southern Tasmanian Caverneers | As an arrogant, self-righteous Tasmanian I’ve always been of the opinion that the North Island has nothing to offer me as a caver. I kept a clean sheet for 15 years but am now sorry to report that I’ve blotted my copy book and set foot inside a … Continue reading Bunda Cliffs, Nullarbor Plain

Chasing Bat Calls on the Nullarbor

CLARE BUSWELL FUSSI | Insectivorous bat occurrence data from the Nullarbor bioregion are scant and largely based on capture records or observations in caves. Currently eight species have been recorded (Table 1) (McKenzie and Robinson 1987; Kemper et al. in prep). Many of these records were collected from the treed section of the Nullarbor Plain … Continue reading Chasing Bat Calls on the Nullarbor