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Steve Milner was born in Lancashire, UK and has lived in South Australia since 1989. His passions include his family, keeping fit, cycling, bushwalking, mountaineering, and caving. Professionally, he is a protein chemist and project director.

Steve started caving while at university in Bristol, and has logged over 1000 caving trips. He is currently a member of the Cave Exploration Group of South Australia (past President), the Bristol Exploration Club, and is co-founder of the Let’s ‘Ave a Drink Speleos (LADS).

He has a wide range of experience and has been on or has led major caving expeditions to places as far afield as Europe, Scandinavia, Central America, Asia, and Australia. His specialties include cave exploration, cave surveying, cave photography, environmental care, and vertical caving.

His experience includes discoveries in the UK, particularly on the Mendip Hills, and in Daren Cilau (Wales), Ireland, Spain, Austria, Mexico, Vietnam, South Australia, and the Nullarbor. Discoveries amount to more than 60km of new passage, with archaeological discoveries (albeit minor) in five countries. He has over 50 published caving articles, including maps and photographs.

He has been on expeditions to: Matienzo, Spain (1983), Sierra de Ronda, Spain (1984), Gouffre Berger, France (1985), Dachstein Massif, Austria (1986), Sierra de Zongolica, Mexico (1988), Nullarbor (1991, 1996, 1998), Vietnam (1999), Nullarbor (1999, 2006, 2012, 2013, 2015)

Additional caving experience includes places in Australia: Jenolan, Wombeyan, Bungonia, South West Victoria, Buchan, Junee-Florentine, Mole Creek, Adelaide Hills, Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, Murray Plains, Nullarbor, Yorke Peninsula, Upper & Lower South East, Nullarbor, and Bullita; in the British Isles: Devon, Mendip Hills, North & South Wales, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Scotland; in Europe: Ireland (Co. Clare, Co. Cork), France, Spain, Austria; in Central America: Guatemala, Mexico; and in Scandinavia: Finland, Norway, and Iceland.

Other experience:

  • Underground Camps (Wales, Vietnam, Nullarbor)
  • Cave Cinematography – assisted Sid Perou (sound) and Clive Gardener (lighting)
  • Cave Rescue (mostly UK)
  • Cave Diving (CDG, now retired)


  • 1990 CEGSA Leather Medal “SRT”
  • 1999 CEGSA Leather Medal “Mouse”
  • 2013 CEGSA Golden Compass

Contact details
M: 0402 884 121, E:

On Caves Australia:

Bunda Cliffs, Nullarbor Plains

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