Matt Tomlinson

Matt Tomlinson
Matt Tomlinson

Matt is a native of the most cave-rich state of the United States, Tennessee.

His caving career began over a decade ago in the slimy nether-bowels of local sacrificial caves, and in the last six years he became interested in proper organized caving, for which he now slithers around in the dank nether-bowels of legitimate cave systems.

He has employed his skills as an architect to learn the trade of cave survey and mapping, and his love of the arts to guide him in learning to photograph underground settings which are challenging and remote.

Matt regularly volunteers for the Cave Research Foundation in documenting caves of the National Park system. He is also a leader of several local organizations and expeditions, and he looks forward to his second trip to Sistema Huautla during the 2016 PESH expedition.

On Caves Australia:

Exploration beyond the sumps of Red Ball Canyon, Sistema Huautla, Mexico

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