Dave Bunnell


Dave Bunnell holds a PHD in Psychophysiology and spent about 10 years doing research in human sleep patterns. In 1996 he left the academic world and assumed editorship of the monthly National Speleological Society News, which he continues today.

He has been caving since 1973, starting in the eastern USA but mostly in western USA caves and on expeditions to a couple dozen countries.

Dave took photos from the start, and his photo work has appeared in numerous books and magazines, museums, calendars, web sites, showcave brochures and postcards.

He does photos for the four show caves nearby where he lives in California's gold rush country, and now produces cave postcards under his photo company's banner, Under Earth Images.

He has produced four cave related books, two on seacaves and one on lava tubes. The latter was called Caves of Fire, Inside America's Lava Tubes and had its second, revised edition printed last year.

Dave has half a dozen other cave book projects planned or in progress. His highly ranked web site Virtual Cave educates about caves and cave formations of all types.

On Caves Australia:

Exploration beyond the sumps of Red Ball Canyon, Sistema Huautla, Mexico

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