The Holy Caver, the Blue Demon and the Bulldog

The story of three years of expeditions to the Sierra Negra in Puebla State, Southern Mexico. Based on articles by GUSTAVO VELA TURCOTT. Translated by ALAN WARILD OCOTEMPA PART 1 – 2007 We’d all heard the story of how the GSAB (Grupo Espeleológico Alpino Belga) had stopped exploration of Sótano de Akemabis at –1015 m … Continue reading The Holy Caver, the Blue Demon and the Bulldog

Vietnam: Cave of the Mountain River

Hang Son Doong — Cave of the Mountain River TREVOR WAILES STC | This is a brief account of my part in the joint British-University of Hanoi expedition of 2010 to the truly remarkable Hang Son Doong (cave of the mountain river) in Vietnam. The British-Hanoi University expeditions are usually every two years, but with … Continue reading Vietnam: Cave of the Mountain River

Annual expedition to Tianxing: 2014

ALAN JACKSON STC The Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society (HMG) has been taking on the immense task of exploring the caves of China’s vast limestone geology since January 2001. This year four ASF members were lucky enough to tag along on the annual expedition to the area of Tianxing this past September, enjoying a few … Continue reading Annual expedition to Tianxing: 2014

The Thailand Project

25 years of progress: a personal retrospective By JOHN DUNKLEY This material was presented at the 27th Biennial Conference of the Australian Speleological Federation Inc. at Sale, Victoria 4—9 January 2009 and is included in the proceedings, which are currently being produced as a DVD. Introduction Twenty-four years ago I presented a paper at the … Continue reading The Thailand Project

Pushing the ‘deepest’ sump in Australia

Khazad-Dum (JF-4/5) Sump II By JANINE McKINNON STC BACKGROUND The Junee-Florentine is the premier vertical caving area of Tasmania, and thus Australia. Khazad-Dum (KD) is a multi-pitch cave which terminates in a series of three sumps, which connect, at a depth of 293 m. It is the eighth-deepest cave in Australia. Dwarrowdelf JF-14 is a … Continue reading Pushing the ‘deepest’ sump in Australia

Exit Cave, Tasmania

D’Entrecasteaux River Sumps exploration 2013 By JANINE McKINNON STC Exit Cave is a large, multi-entrance system in Southern Tasmania. It is arguably the longest cave system in Australia. (Cue the arguments regarding Bullita in the NT.) The cave has been known for many decades, and multiple expeditions and day trips have been undertaken to explore … Continue reading Exit Cave, Tasmania